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Hanover Square Association

As a Hanover Square business owner, organization or resident, you have the opportunity to participate in improving our historic and growing neighborhood.

The Hanover Square Association was created to encourage business growth, promote consumer patronage, and enhance the image of this historic neighborhood. The Association represents all property owners and businesses (including retail, restaurant, tavern, professional, commercial), educational institutions, and non-profit organizations in the area.

To effectively utilize the diverse interests and skills of its members to enhance awareness of the Square, to showcase the proliferation of commercial and residential life, and to promote activities and events involving the general public. The Hanover Square Association will balance growth with the historic preservation of the Square.

An active membership directs the efforts of the Association. Representatives meet regularly with City representatives and the Downtown Committee. The Hanover Square Association has been the advocate for area improvement and the driving force for change.

We meet monthly as a group to discuss marketing, events, and neighborhood initiatives to help toward our mission. Beyond marketing and events – which are designed to both attract patronage to the local businesses, and to offer fun activities for local employees and residents – another important goal for this and future summers is neighborhood beautification to make our outdoor space more friendly at attractive. The marketing and beautification work has numerous benefits including helping local employers attract and retain talented employees who value a vibrant, clean and aesthetically-pleasing downtown.  We’re looking for new members to help us with our goals and together improve our businesses, organizations and the Hanover Square neighborhood.


We encourage you to become an active member of our association. As a member, your opinion, your vote matters.

To join the Hanover Square Association, please download and email the completed Word document form below and use the Paypal Button to pay the yearly dues, or mail a check to the address on the form. Thank you for your participation and support.

Please note: if you want to be added to the website directory or change your information, please download this form and email it to info@hanoversq.co.

Hanover Square Association Member Form

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